When you connect something broken…you do a 180. You Drop what you are doing and go. Pastor Reed connects the dots in Peter’s journey in this message.


The leper was not only healed but cleansed. Pastor Reed Wilbanks shares this message from the book of Luke.

Encounter The Living Word!

Would you be willing to walk away from your dreams? You may look at your dreams differently after this message from pastor Reed Wilbanks

Help My Unbelief!

An honest look at weakness. Pastor Reed Willbanks shares an amazing personal story. Rock Hill Church 180.

See The Light!

Rock Hill church 180

Clear as mud. On occasion, what we need to see clearly is just a little spit, dirt, & Jesus. Don’t believe? Keep asking…the answers may make you a disciple after all.
Pastor Reed Wilbanks

Would You Know Him?

rock hill church 180

Would you know Jesus if he were among the crowd? Pastor Reed shares the message from the Book of Matthew.

Descendants ‘The Covenant’

Rock hill church 180

Are you a descendant? Are you covered by the covenant? Join us at Rock Hill Church 180 as pastor Reed Wilbanks shares this message of hope for our future.

Children At 90!

When the first thing you hear is “Don’t be afraid” what do you typically do first? Get scared? Pastor Reed shares this Sermon from the book of Genesis.

One More Time!

rock Hill church 180

Join us at Church 180 for this instructional message full of useful resources when you find yourself the ‘new kid on the block.” Pastor Reed Wilbanks Church 180 Rock Hill SC.


Rock Hill church 180

Join our very own Fitz McGill as he shares this inspiring message for our church body in this time of change at Church180. Find us at: